Code: PM011500   |    Title: Piston with rings and pin

Piston with rings and pin - PM011500 ET ENGINETEAM - 500055469, 500086184, 504254755

Car: Daewoo Novus Irisbus Crossway Stralis Trakker Urbanway FPT Iveco New Holland Cursor9 T8.275/T8.300/T8.320/T8.330/T8.350/T8.360/T8.390/T8.410 F2CFA613* F2CFA614* F2CFE611* F2CFE612* F2CFE613* F2CGE613* F2CGE614* Euro6 2012+
Standard Size [STD]: yes
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with piston rings
Cylinder Bore [mm]: 117 mm
Compression Height [mm]: 80,2 mm
Recess Depth 1 [mm]: 20,8 mm
For Pin Diameter [mm]: 52 mm
Bolt length [mm]: 93 mm
Stock: 7 pcs
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EAN: 8592779034970

ET Engineteam complete piston in standard size for cylinders with 117.0 mm bore. Includes piston rings. Compression height 80.2 mm, pin 93 mm x 52 mm. Suitable for Iveco Stralis, Trakker with emission standard 5. Engines F2CFE611A, F2CFE611B, F2CFE611C, F2CFE611D.