We focus on product development

Since 2007 on the market
Part of TecDoc Premier data supplier
Unique ET kits
Premium quality OE, OEM, ISO 16949, ISO9001 manufacturers

ET ENGINETEAM is a dynamic brand

Established in 2007, it has undergone rapid development during its existence. Currently, the product range covers 4.000 products. The goods are delivered through many dealers and partners to all continents. The strongest position has long been maintained in the EU, but it also has regular customers in Canada, Japan, Peru and Algeria.

Unique sets

The ET brand focuses on engine parts for cars, vans, but also trucks and buses. The speciality are the practical repair kits, which always contain several components needed for a truly professional and comprehensive repair. We are in touch with workshops and mechanics to gain valuable information on what components should be included in our kits. Doing so, our customers can benefit from the possibility to choose from several differently equipped kits for particular vehicle. We are interested in customer feedback, so we know that our repair kits are a really appreciated by the mechanics, as they get the right parts in all-in-one repair kit.

ET ENGINETEAM brand in the TecDoc catalogue

The reference data presented in TecDoc have been prepared with a high level of care. As evidence ET obtained "TecDoc Premier data supplier" status, which only less than a quarter of all brands in TecDoc has achieved. This is the highest possible status demonstrating the consistency, completeness and accuracy of the data supplied. If you would like to include the ET ENGINETEAM brand in your shop, there is nothing easier than adding it and asking us to connect to our stock via web services. We are up to date with latest digitization, automated connection of stock availability, electronic document and data exchange solutions.

The pillars of the brand is the careful selection and evaluation of suppliers

We work with manufacturers and suppliers whose production is managed according to ISO 9001 or ISO 16949 standards. Many of items in our range are OE products or come from OEM (manufacturers producing OE products). It is a priority for us to ensure that there is always a good quality product in our range that mechanics can rely on and thus will prefer ET ENGINETEAM again next time.

The worldwide distributor of the brand is K MOTORSHOP, based in the north of the Czech Republic, a few kilometres from the German border. This position in the middle of Europe allows for ideal logistics solutions not only to all EU countries, but also to the whole world. The sales partner for Germany and Austria is ENGINE YOUR LIFE GmbH. A number of partners and dealers take care of sales within the EU.

We are sure you will hear more and more about the ET ENGINETEAM brand.