Code: HV0339VR1   |    Title: Camshaft Kit

Camshaft Kit - HV0339VR1 ET ENGINETEAM - 070109101P, 070103673A, 038103673A

Car: VW Tuareg Transporter Multivan 2,5TDI PD AXD AXE BAC BLJ BLK 2003+
Material: Steel
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with seal
Stock: > 25 pcs
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EAN: 8592779038541

ET Engineteam camshaft kit for engines with PD injection (Pumpe - Düse). The kit contains camshaft, injector adjustment screws, rocker arm shaft bolts, camshaft bearing block screws, camshaft bushes, injector nozzle seals, tappets and cylinder head cover gasket. Suitable for VW Touareg / Transporter / Multivan with 2.5 TDI PD engines manufactured since 2003. For AXD, AX, BAC, BLJ, BLK engines.

TIP: We created a special website, which closely deals with camshaft kits, the most common problems with the components and their prevention and solutions. It focuses on specific questions and answers with interesting texts - for example, in the article about causes and consequences of hydraulic tappet damages, you will learn, among other things, how to prevent camshaft failures. The website is literally overflowing with interesting information about camshafts and other components included in camshaft kits.

ATTENTION: The kit includes a longer camshaft (for 5-cylinder engine). Therefore, make sure that it is seated correctly as misalignment may lead to the camshaft getting stuck!

Contents of camshaft kit HV0339VR1: