Gasket, cylinder head cover - TM0041VR1 ET ENGINETEAM - 070103469A, 070115315A, 070103821

Title: Gasket, cylinder head cover
Car: VW Touareg Multivan Transporter T5 2,5 TDI 2003+
Weight: 0,71 kg


For OE number: 070 103 469 A
Stock: 21 pcs
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ET Engineteam cylinder head cover gasket set for 2.5 TDI engines. The set contains cylinder head cover gasket, bolts, seal ring, rocker arm shaft bolts, adjustment screws and injector nozzle seal kit. Suitable for VW Touareg / Transporter / Multivan with engines manufactured since 2003. For AXD, AX, BAC, BLJ, BLK engines.

Contents of cylinder head cover gasket set TM0041VR1