Code: PM012850   |    Title: Piston with rings and pin

Piston with rings and pin - PM012850 ET ENGINETEAM

Car: Audi Seat VW Scirocco Golf Leon A3 TT 2,0 TFSI CDLA 2006+
Oversize [mm]: 0,5 mm
Cylinder Bore [mm]: 83,01 mm
Bolt Ø [mm]: 21 mm
Compression Height [mm]: 29,6 mm
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EAN: 8592779038596

ET Engineteam complete piston with rings for VAG vehicles manufactured since 2006. Piston pin diameter is 21 mm. The piston is in repair size of 83.01 mm (+0.50). Suitable, for example, for Audi A3 / TT, VW Scirocco / Golf, Seat Leon. For BHZ, BZC, CDLA, CDLC, BWJ, CDLD engines.

TIP: In our range we also have complete piston PM012950 in repair size with 22 mm pin diameter.

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